Pastoral Care for December 2013 and January 2014


 A PASTORS MOMENT :      During the very cold weather in December, without me knowing it, the water drained out of the radiator of the car I have been using and as a result the Headers got too hot and busted.   The car would cost too much to repair and therefore I have been without a car for the past couple months.   Thanks to some of my friends that have offered to take me places I need to go, I seem to be getting by, but it is certainly not the same as having the independence to drive my own wheels.   The car was owned by my brothers friend and they tell me they are watching Craigslist and other resources for a very economical car, but unfortunately most are priced at 2 or 3 thousand dollars.   I am still praying we might find a good serviceable car that I can use in my ministry and for personal use.     It was on Thursday night a couple weeks ago, I tried riding my electric wheelchair to the Thursday night dinner at Grace UMC.    It took me one hour and fifteen minutes each way and it was a bit dangerous driving after dark without any reflectors nor lights.   Thanks to a good friend that gave me a flashlight and ear muffs that I might make the trip in reasonable safety.   I really miss my mobility scooter.

>>>>>>>I have been having several aches and pains so I went to the doctor to have it checked out.   She had blood drawn and discovered I am diabetic.   She said it is manageable but that means watching my diet.   I was hoping to avoid that inconvenience in my life.

>>>>>>>Since January 17, I have been sick with the Flu.   It seems to have done a number on me and here it is over one week later and I have not been able to stop the coughing.   Several friends have expressed concern and even brought me food, drink and medication.   I really appreciate their care and support.   I guess it is the kind of thing one just has to wait out.  

>>>>>>>Just this week, my free government cell phone went bad.   This is the third cell phone I have gotten from this government program and they do not seem to last very long.   I am glad I keep my land line phone as the old standby.


PASTORAL CARE ACTIVITIES :     Since the first week of December, my computer has been on the blink.   I tried to get a repair person to look at it bet he was unable to look at it until after the Holidays.   This means I was unable to post blogs during this time.   In an effort to repair the system myself, I ran a recovery disc for Windows, and to my surprise, though the computer became somewhat active again, I had lost all of my pictures and my documents which I have been saving for some months.    I am just now learning how to use the Scan Disc to save my material.   I wish I would have done it before.     Well, with the uncertainty of my computer and my health and schedules, I have decided to make a revision to my promise to post blogs on a weekly basis.   I think it would be much more sensible to post blogs when I have the time or opportunity.    Please accept my apologies if you find this a bit confusing.  

>>>>>>>My visitation list to elderly, shut-in persons,  has been growing with the addition of a couple more friends.   I look forward to keeping company with, or stopping by their homes from time to time to say hello.   Good news for Gloria…..she has now located some part time work which is wonderful news and hopefully will lead to something more for her.

>>>>>>>Casey, a young man I took off the streets and kept for almost 4 months has decided to accept the Call into the  Ministry.   He is now undergoing a course of study with the Moody Bible Institute from Chicago.   He does his work over the computer which is more convenient for him.   I pray for and encourage him to make himself ready for the Work of God.

>>>>>>>Two families have come to my home for pastoral counseling.   My prayers continue to be with these families and individuals.

>>>>>>>The emergency food pantry I have set up in my basement for use by this ministry has been getting frequent use during these past few weeks.   It is a good thing however as I need to rotate the food supply so it does not get out of date.   Eight families have asked for help during this period.

>>>>>>>One needy family called my home about 10:30 pm one night and asked if I had any left over food in my refrigerator they could eat.  They had no working stove in the house, could not cook a meal, and they were hungry.  They said some sandwiches would be okay.   At the time I had nothing prepared, so cooked them up a triple batch of Spaghetti.   I had no car to deliver it, but the dad walked all the way across town in the cold to get the fresh cooked food.    I know it must have lost some of the heat on the return trip, but I wrapped it well to try and keep it warm for them.

>>>>>>>Perhaps the most involved activity I have done during the past four weeks is to take into my home a total of seven homeless people to give them shelter from the winters cold.   One individual was found sleeping under the bridge South of town, ……another was displaced from his dysfunctional family setting and needed a place to stay….Two folks were trying to stay in a house with no utilities and came to me for shelter for 3 nights.    One person had his heat and water pipes break and asked to move into my place to stay out of the weather, and a couple others were permanently displaced as homeless and had no place to stay other than vacant buildings.    God blessed us all by giving warmth and fellowship to overcome the sub-zero temperatures.  I have a large collection of movies and thanks to some kind friends we had donations of food to feed everyone.

 Thank you for your prayers and support.   May the Lord bless you in every way.!!  

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